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Upgrading Phone Lines to Digital? Read This First!

Before you upgrade your business phone lines to digital or high-speed, it is critical to contact your merchant service provider first, or you could wind up losing the ability to accept credit cards. As a business grows, and as technology develops, many business owners will choose to upgrade to a multi-line digital phone system, or, […]

Credit Card Processing 101 For New Business Owners

OK, so you just took that huge leap of faith and opened up your own business. Whether you are a retail storefront, restaurant, run a mail order business or are purely internet based, the ability to accept credit cards is critical to the growth and ultimate success of your business. What’s the bottom line? Offer […]

What credit cards will I be able to accept at National Debit Card Network?

The National Debit Card Network offers processing services for all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diner’s Club, and JCB.

What is SafePay?

SafePay is NDCN’s proprietary ecommerce gateway that allows merchants to submit transactions online quickly and securely. Using SafePay, you can process sales, authorizations, refunds, and capture existing or voice authorized transactions. The SafePay Gateway can be accessed from any computer with Internet access at any time, providing a quick and convenient way for merchants to process transactions.

What is EMV Compliant?

EMV compliancy is required for all equipment for most transactions or merchants are open to fines from Visa/MasterCard. NDCN offers a full line of secure EMV compliant POS equipment to avoid fines and keep your transactions secure.

What kind of support does NCDN offer in case something goes wrong?

At NDCN, our world-class customer service and technical support is available 24/7/365 days a year. With NDCN, you will always get a support expert on the phone quickly who is located in either our New York or Canadian offices.

Why Do Different Accounts Have Different Rates?

Different accounts have different rates depending on your businesses specific needs and risk factor. For example, some accounts may strictly be store front retail while some businesses accept credit cards over the phone (card not present) which presents a slightly higher risk leading to slightly increased rates.

What if I Already Have Processing Equipment, but Want to Switch to National Debit Card Network Services?

NDCN supports all major terminals and processing equipment and would be happy to discuss the NDCN advantage with you in detail. Contact us to see if you equipment is compatible.

How are Credit Cards Charged?

Upon swiping a credit card in a POS terminal or entering the required customer information into a virtual terminal, the information is sent from the merchant to National Debit Card Network. NDCN then requests the money from the issuing bank, which is deposited directly into your bank account.

NEVER hesitate to contact your merchant provider and request a Code 10

Think something was suspicious after processing a credit card? Don’t hesitate to contact your merchant provider! A Code 10 authorization request is to be utilized if a merchant is attempting to process a credit card and suspects fraud or suspicious activity. This request is forwarded to the card issuing bank from the merchant processor so […]