Customer Support: One of the Most Important Services a Credit Card Processor Can Offer

Let’s face it, basically every company offers some type of customer support.

Whether it’s through a website or at a retail store’s customer service desk, support for your problems and answers to your questions can be found almost everywhere.

The same is true for your merchant service needs.

Take Squareup for example. While Squareup is considered a great product by many, their only customer support comes in the form of Twitter and email. There is no number to call to speak to a live person, and merchants often have to wait hours or even days to find the answer to their questions, or help when they have a problem.

A search for @Square tweets on Twitter will bring up plenty of frustrated customers who wish there was a number to call with a live person behind it. It also shows that problems and questions with Square are not a rare occurrence, and in fact occur quiet frequently.



The problems displayed by Square’s customer support emphasize how important it is for a merchant services provider to offer live help.

There is no telling when a merchant will run into a problem, or when they might have a question. And when it comes to handling your money, wouldn’t you want to know right away what the issue was if there’s a problem?

This is why great customer support is a huge service that only the best merchant services providers offer. It’s one thing to offer low rates, and to get a merchant to sign up.

But will they be there when something comes up?

24/7/365 live support is something we have strived for at National Debit Card Network. Of course we offer competitive rates, but more importantly, we are there for merchants when they need us. NDCN plans on growing with our merchants, not simply signing them up and leaving them to figure out issues on their own.

Great credit card processing isn’t just about rates, it’s also about communication.

And with NDCN’s customer support, we’re always there to communicate with our merchants.