E-Statements with National Debit Card Network

How It Works:

E-Statements from National Debit Card Network make it quick and easy for merchants to access their statements electronically. Our E-statement system helps you track your earnings through easy-to-read graphs and statistics.

If you’re currently a NDCN member, setting up an account for E-Statements is easy and only takes a couple of minutes!

If you are new to e-statements and are having trouble logging in for the first time, feel free to contact our friendly and energetic support team at 866-912-8777 for assistance.

Your Account At A Glance: Introducing the new “Your Account at a Glance” section.  This field takes all of the numbers that matter to you, the business owner, and breaks it down into a clean and easy to read summary of your statement.

Graphs:  Why spend hours trying to create reports of your card acceptance when we have already done it for you in beautiful, 3 dimensional graphics that let you see how your business is doing with just a single glance.

Already Have an Account?


New Users:

1. To create a new account visit: www.estatementdownload.com.

2. Click create an Account and fill in the following information:

Merchant ID: 16 digit format beginning with “0000”

Username: Minimum of 6 characters. This can be letters, numbers, or the following special characters: _ . @

Password: 8 – 20 characters. Must have at least: 1 Uppercase, 1 lower case, and 1 number. Also the following characters are optional: ! ? @ $ &

Verify Password: Must be the same as the password listed above.

E-mail: This is an e-mail required for password resets.

Verify E-mail: Must be the same as the e-mail listed above.

State: This is the DBA State abbreviation. (Example: CA, NJ, NY, PA)

Zip Code: This is the DBA zip code. 5 Digit format.

Phone Number: This is the DBA phone number. Format: 555-555-5555 (must use dashes)

Last 4 Digits of Tax ID: This is the last 4 digits of your business Tax ID.

Verification Code: Type the large code from below in this box. If you can’t read the code, click the refresh button for a new code.

 3. Click Create Account to save the changes.