check reader

Check Readers


Verifone CR600

The VeriFone CR600 check reader combines full programmability, remote downloading, self-diagnostics and universal connectivity in one unit. This leads to improved productivity and

reduces check fraud at the point of sale. The fast check-reading capability of the CR600 makes a check-based payment as convenient as a credit card sale.


Mag-Tek Check Reader

Mag-Tek’s MICR check reader helps reduce the risk of check acceptance at the retail counter. The MICR check reader can detect fraudulent or copied checks that don’t have magnetic MICR encoding. Check data read by the MICR reader passes through the POS terminal for verification by the check processor’s database. The optional 3-track magnetic stripe readers allows reading of AAMVA driver’s licenses, debit and credit cards.


RDM EC6000i

With its small footprint, connectivity to the most popular POS terminals, and industry leading MICR and image technology, RDM’s EC6000i is setting the standard for small document imaging for check electronification, check cashing and walk-in bill payments processing.rdm-ec6000i

RDM EC5000i

With RDM’s new EC5000i, retail merchants can capture all of the information they need to transform a customer’s check into an electronic transaction. The EC5000i provides rapid and accurate capture of the MICR information and check image such that the check payment can immediately be converted to an electronic transaction and returned to the consumer in the same time typically taken to accept a credit card transaction.RDM-EC-5000i