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Having Trouble Logging Into Your US Agent Portal?

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I keep typing in the password that was emailed to me but I still can’t log in!

When you first receive your password, it will have a mix of upper and lower case letters. The log in for US agent portal is case sensitive, which means you need to type in your password EXACTLY as it is displayed. Failing to type in the correct capital and lower case letters will prevent you from being able to log in.

When I try to create my new password, it says I need a special character!

When you create your new password, you must include a number, a special character, and the password needs to be longer than 7 characters. Examples of special characters are: ? $ # ! .

Example of an acceptable password: National1Debit!

Help! I can’t log in when I use Internet Explorer!

Some versions of Internet Explorer will not allow you to log in to your agent portal. In order to resolve this issue, you need to run Internet Explorer in Compatibility View. To do this, click on the tools option on your browser screen, and then Compatibility View.  You should now be able to log into your portal.


Still having problems logging in?

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