Mobile Processing

Mobile Swipers Might Be The Future, but Don’t Forget The Importance of Merchant Services

Mobile swipers seem to be the rage these days among small business owners.

Not only is it easy to get one, but it plugs right into your phone, and you can literally accept credit cards anywhere you go.

These swipers tend to have a high rate attached to them for every swipe of a card, but because of its convenience, most people overlook this higher rate. Mobile swipers do more than simply turn your phone into a credit card machine though. They can email your customers a receipt, provide a map to show your customers where they were at the time of the purchase, and can also help you gather data on purchases your customers made.

While mobile swipers are quite impressive, it’s important to still remember other merchant services as well.

Not every company that offers a mobile swiper is going to offer merchant services as well. Being able to offer customers gift cards, loyalty programs, and even take a cash advance out in case you want to grow your storefront are all important tools for a business.

What happens if you eventually want to open a new store, instead of remain mobile? Would you still want to use a mobile swiper that charges a high rate? Or would you look for a credit card terminal to use instead?

If your business is successful, it will grow. Eventually it could outpace the mobile swiper. What do you do then if your merchant services provider isn’t really a provider at all? Mobile swipers are a great piece of equipment for any merchant. Just make sure that the services provider you choose can help you grow when you’re ready to go above and beyond mobile.